The first time I shot my shot on a guy

So, I have being seeing girls shooting their shot and ending up with rings.

And one day, I was like “Andy, it’s time for you to break that yoke of singleness in your life, Amen!”.

Brothers and sisters, I went straight to his inbox like the other girls did and shot my shot.

We started chatting o. As the Igbo girl I am, I add my wife material credentials. I can’t come and dull this one.

He picked interest and later we started flowing like Romeo and Juliet.

He told me about his past relationships and said since I showed interest first, I should make sure I don’t break his heart like the rest. I was like booboo, your hear is safe is with me.

After 2 months of online sweethearts, we decided to meet. One girl said she got the ring on the first date, so I had to come prepared for surprises like that. I emptied my accant balance, the nigga from his pictures had class, so I have to appear as one.

I concentrated more on nails so that once the ring is being slid in, the pictures will make sense.

Fast forward to the D-day, the location oga gave me was a popular mama put in town. Ah! I was not understanding. That single lady inside my head calmed me down, ” It’s a sign of humility, it should be a plus”.

Brothers and sisters, with my expensive clothes, long lashes, nails ready for the ring, I carried myself to the mama put. So I had to call huncle to come out for easy identification. Immediately I placed the call, I saw a black huncle, very short, dressed like someone that I might end up paying for his meal.

I couldn’t believe my eyes, I had to end the call and call back to make sure my suspicions were right, and the same huncle picked up the phone!

My head started to turninoniown.

Andy, see what desperado e yaf cause, but I can’t just let him go without insulting him for wasting my time! The guy sef was like 👇🏽

After ah finish dealing with him, just for me to turn, I saw the huncle I have been chatting with come out from the back of the mama put, walk straight to where he parked his Benz and sped off

Ah! My village people really played me this time, I thought the huncle inside was my huncle, I did noh know he was just on e own.


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