Sexiness Gone Wrong

One day, I decided to dress sexy for an event, so I could find a rich man for myself.

I needed a dress that’ll bring out my curves, but I no get. I didn’t have money to buy one.

After searching my wardrobe, I later found a sexy tight gown. I fitted it in front of a mirror and tugged the zip. My spirit confirm.

Still fitting in my tummy. After series of tuck-ins and snake wiggling, the zip finally closed. “Beauty na war”, I said to myself.

The moment I got to the party, all eyes were on me and my sexy curves. So I gave them a nice catwalk to go with the looks.

That was until my phone fell from my purse. And as I bent over to pick it, all I heard from the fabric of my tight gown was ‘Ttttttttttttttttt’.





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