My primary school fight

I remember back then for primary school, when we want write common entrance exams, there was this new guy called Emeka. He was very huge and he’s a bully.

Back then I get one girl wen I dey date, so this guy dey try collect that girl from me. I was like, “Which kind level be this?”

My friends were like, “See you, if na me I go beat am tire.

So one day, na im I come see Emeka hold my girl like this.

The thing pain me die… I even cry join

So I decided to deal with Emeka. So now I tell my friends… Some of them said I should think well about it because Emaka na tough guy.

Some of them said, “My guy no worry, we dey for your back”.

After much thinking I decided to confront Emeka… He’s a boy, I’m a boy. So I went to him. Today na your last day.

I now tap him on the head, the whole class was amazed.

And the fight started. He’s more stronger than me, and he’s blocking all my soft punches. My classmates stood and were watching us.

Unto that level, me come gather liver, land this boy another slap on im head… But he dodge am. Suddenly, I just hear gbam for my face 😥… Even my mama hand nor dey pain me like this

The whole class was shouting 1-0! 1-0! I wanted to give up but I just had to balance the equation

But deep dow I no want do again

Then boom! another hot blow land on me

The girl I was fighting for and her friends were like

I was still recovering from the blow when he gave me a total knockdown

Then our ugly teacher now enter…

By then, my face was like this 👇🏽

Since then I have learned to mind my business








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