Made in China

I have been using my small android phone for years. Even the battery sef, is tired.

I couldn’t buy a new battery ‘cos it was inbuilt, and at the moment, I couldn’t afford a new phone either.

So I was walking past computer village one day and saw a made in China power bank for shikini money.

According to the description, it was 80 million mAh. Like 80,000,000 mAh. Could last me like 2 years once fully charged  👍🏽💯☺️. That’s how I closed my eyes and bought the power bank.

So later that day, while I was using my phone, my battery sank like the Titanic. I kuku charge my phone with the power bank. This must be “Power Central Bank”, I thought.

You can imagine my shock when I disovered that it was my phone that was charging the power bank.

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