It was a Promise

One cold night, a rich man met a poor shabbily dressed old man outside. The rich man asked the poor man, “Don’t you feel cold wearing such thin clothes?”

The poor man replied that he was already used to the severity of the weather.

The rich man then told him to hold on, so he could go inside his mansion and bring a warm coat for the poor old man to wear.

The poor man was excited and waited for the rich man and the warm coat he promised to bring him.

Sadly, the rich man got so occupied with so many things that he completely forgot about the poor man until the next morning, when he ran out of his house with the coat he had promised.

Unfortunately, when he got outside, he found the poor old man dead with a note in his cold feeble hands.

“When I didn’t have any warm clothes, it was easy to fight the cold because I was used to it. But when you promised to help me, I got attached to your promise and that took away my will power.”



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