Is it a lie?

I went to a business seminar and was told to introduce myself. I told them that I’m an entrepreneur with properties in UK and China.

After that day, everyone wanted to associate with me. I was shocked, I won’t lie, but I sha liked the attention I was getting

I was even invited by one of my new associates to his book launch. In fact, I was given the front seat with lots of small chops on my table. I was feeling like 👇🏽

When it was time for funding, I was shocked. I didn’t react to any of it throughout the event. I simply devoured my small chops and even collected extra as takeaway.

After the book launch, my friend told me, “It’s like you’re a humble person oo. You want your own funding to be a private something.”

To be honest, I was confused. But in order not to fall my hand, I handed him the only money I had, 500 Naira, and told him to take 300 Naira and give me 200 Naira that I’ll use to fly bike.

He stared at me surprised, then began to yell that I’m a fraud. Shouting that why did I lie I had properties in two countries when I can’t even afford to assist him in his book launch.

Me sef, I got angry too and told him that I didn’t lie! Lie for what na? That my neighbour took my follow-come charger to the UK, and I gave my aunty two of my favourite bathroom slippers to take to China.




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