I Am Not Possessed

A friend of mine invited me over to her church program one day. Though I didn’t feel like going to any church activity, I still decided to honor her invitation  just so I could please her.

I was on my own

That night, it totally skipped my mind that I was supposed to go for the program. So, I went to flex with my clique instead. That was until I received a text from her and I quickly left.  Getting to the venue, I realized that it was a deliverance program and some people were already staggering and wiggling from the anointing.

Immediately the pastor saw me with my heavy makeup, long hair and ripped trouser; he left everyone and came to deliver me.

I was confused cos I knew that I was not possessed, but this pastor did not let me be. He kept shouting, “come out! Come out!” pushing my head vigorously so that I will fall.

Unconcerned meme

As I no gree’ fall, that’s how he carried whip to flog the demon out from me o! If you see the way he was making me run upandan ehn, you’ll even think that truly I’m possessed.

Indeed, it was a terrible experience that night. I left there with my dress soaked in oil, and up till now, it still baffles me how I managed to lost my wig.

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