Going Home at Night

It was dark, lonely and raining one unfortunate night. And I was all alone in the street trying to get to my house, when a flood of light blinded my eyes.

I looked and saw that it was a car that seemed to have stopped for me. I quickly entered without thinking twice.

But what I saw next nearly gave me a heart attack. I saw absolutely NO ONE in the car. Just a hand that came from nowhere to steer the steering to the left or right. I nearly died of high blood pressure.

Immediately I saw my house through the window, I opened the door and jumped out.

The next day, it rained again. And this time, I swore I wouldn’t take any chances.

I decided to wait out the rain in a bar and used the time to narrate my strange ordeal to others there.

Next thing I heard from a distance after my story was, “See the mumu who entered the car while we were pushing it”.



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