Exam Runs

We were about writing our final paper as finalists. But I used all my free time to plan graduation flexing and forgot to read.

I was on my own

On exam day, I rushed and pushed my way into the hall just to make sure I sit beside our first-class student. When I successfully sat beside him, I whispered into his ears, “na your hand I dey oo.” He didn’t answer, but gave me a silly grin.

Me, I didn’t send him. It was our final paper and I knew I had to do everything humanly possible to pass.

They shared the exam paper, I read all the questions and realized that I didn’t know the answer to any of them.

I turned to our first-class student and his pen was already dancing on his answer booklet.

I whispered his name. But he didn’t answer. Devastated, I put my hand on my head; wondering who else I could ask for answers. That was when the invigilators changed the seat of a carryover student and put him behind me.

I knew who the guy was. He had carried the course over 3 good times!!! I bowed my head, lamenting on the terrible situation I was in. But then, I noticed that this carryover guy had a textbook hidden under his cardigan.       

My joy knew no bounds! I felt like slapping my answer booklet at the back of our first-class’ coconut head. Instead I hissed at him, and silently threatened to deal with him after the exam.

Happily, I turned to the carryover student, ready to download his answers. “Guy, how far na? Supply the answers na.” He looked at me perplexed and asked “Shey na business policy we dey write?” I told him yes. And he continued, “I no know say na ethics textbook I go carry.”

Unconcerned meme



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