April Fools Gone Wrong

So I was in a bus going from Okigwe to Owerri today and decided to do April Fools’ to the passengers.

I called the conductor and told him, “Don’t collect money from anybody. I will pay for all”.

People started thanking me but one stood out. One guy at the back of the bus that has a voice of Onitsha weed smokers started hailing me.

“My brother ibu a guy, my brother any bad thing wey want do you make e do me. My brother even if na thief you thief the money wey you take do this, e no go better for the person wey you thief am from if him complain.”

I still dey shocked. The guy still dey hail me now… I didn’t know how to tell him it is April fool. Even one mama have bless me tire. If I have the money I for just pay.


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