These men that are womanizers take anti-aging drugs, fear them!

These men that are womanizers take anti-aging drugs, fear them!

So, once upon a time, I met this fine huncle, a little bit above average, with face like that of a young man in his late twenties.

Huncle asked me out for a month before I finally decided to give him a chance. He tried getting body, but me I said, “No, let’s give it time”.

3 months, uncle can’t invite me to his house only hotel room. I took it as nothing when he gave the explanation that he is the first son, so he is still living in his family house yen yen yen.

5 months later, we had s*x but the devil did not tell me to check well to know if huncle was really serious about marriage like he said, the one thing I know is that all his friends call me wifey. 

After we do the do, huncle slept off and as a sharp geh, I took his phone to do FBI work.

I died 3 times and woke up 8 times.

I found out huncle is married with 4 kids and his first child looking like a girl approaching 15. Ontop of that still looking young.

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