One Day Away From Home

7:30 a.m
I’m Gone to hustle
I’m Gone to to face the struggles
I’m Gone to find a home in the jungle
I’m Gone
Hey little bro teach your younger one to stay strong
Remember dad’s word
Stay away from all wrongs
I’ll be gone in a bit
Help me
Continue with whatever i am leaving undone
Remember our slogan
“nothing is interesting unless you make it full of fun”
Then we did our infamous hand shake
Bye guys
I’m gone
Hello big sis
Don’t cry
I would be back soon
We have become more than just siblings
You keep telling me secrets like I can’t report you to
You turned me into a diary (Cackle)
It’s alright
I’m not sure I can really do without you tho
But it’s ok
I’m gonna give it a try
I know you’ll miss me
Just don’t miss me too much
So you don’t go out looking for me
In the city
Thanks for being sweet
I’m gone
Goodbye mum
It’s hard saying this
But am gone already
I’m gonna miss those touch
When I run from dad to you
And how they make me blush
I’m just wondering
Like when am gone
who do I tell about my crush
Will I still get the advice of “My son do not rush”?
I think you’ve taught me enough
I can handle this things myself now
I would be back soon ma’m
I’m gone
Daddy mi
Gone am i
Don’t worry
I won’t forget the son of whom I am
Not even if I get drunk on palm wine
You’ve always wanted me to be a man
Now Am taking a bold step to becoming one
It’s all said dad
Wish me well
I’m gone
09:23 p.m
This is my first day alone
Is this how to become a man?
Alone in an apartment
This is wilderness
This feeling is strange
Is my body adapting to change?
This four corners building without my family
Is nothing but a cage
This is me thinking of what should be happening at
home now
By now
“my sis would be telling me how she spent her day
Noise from My two kid bro outside the house
The aroma of my mum’s food
My dad outside with his radio loud with voices not so
clear to hear”
Enough of home thinking
It’s time I get some rest
And focus on what’s next
But there’s this thing in my chest
It looks like my heart beat at first
But it’s not
It’s beating faster than it’s suppose to
Now My body
Am feeling hot and cold at the same time
My brain is saying pull of your jacket
My body says mans not hot
I drank some water
Played a song on my phone
Then the heart beat was reducing
And I was dozing
This last thing I heard was “and the thin go skrrrrrrrrrrr
ra pa pa ka ka ka skiriki ka ka”
08:09 a.m
I woke up to the sun straight at my window
So Bright
like it came specially to disturb me
Was waiting for mom to come wake me up
I was expecting noise that my kid brothers usually
I was expecting to experience Home
I was far
I thought I would be fine
But its not looking like that
I stood up and decided to take a morning stroll
This wasn’t the initial plan I had with myself ‘I said to
I can’t go back home
Even if I had to
Definitely not now
Not today
The inner me was not interested in what the outer me
has to say
The inner me wants home
The outer me wants to create a home
The argument was fierce
I woke up with white curtains around me
The doctor said I fainted and some Good Samaritan
brought me here
He said he couldn’t figure out what’s wrong
He never would
There’s a war going inside of me
The inner me is greater
I had to go home
I can’t explain that to the doctor
He might transfer me to yaba left
Thinking am crazy…………..
10:27 a.m
Am sorry Dad
Am sorry Mom
I thought I could stay away from home
Mom: welcome son, home hasn’t been the same since
you left
Everyone changed emotionally
Your sister became moody
Your younger ones been asking me to call you back
Dad: welcome my man, you left home at the wrong
time there are many things you’ve not learned
To be a man is not a day work
My kid bro were sleeping
I was careful so I don’t wake them
Went straight to the room my sister is
Caught her looking at my picture album
Me: “Cough cough”
She turned
Saw me
and started crying
It’s like I haven’t seen her in years
It’s ok sis I have many gist for you
She smiled and said
So you cannot stay “One Day Away From Home”

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