Dead yet alive,
Breathing but my nostrils are blocked.
Laughing hard,
But crying deep.
I want to leave the earth,
yet my skin is hooked.
Death is knocking,
But,Hope blocked the way.
Help me ask him to leave
I am done surviving.
Tears like raindrops,
Pain so deep.
Take me away from here,
The cruelty I can no longer bear.
Cast your burden upon me,
Rest is that which I would give.
I keep going back,
Lifting the burden off the feet of the savior,
Bringing me back to the state I hate.
Standing the presence of hope,
But dismissing the presence of faith.
Now I am left alone,
To walk the streets a loner.
Take me away from here.
Take me home to a place called forever,
I guess the peace I seek is there.

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