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Dead yet alive, Breathing but my nostrils are blocked. Laughing hard, But crying deep. I want to leave the earth, yet my skin is hooked.

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Little Red Hen

Little Red Hen found a grain of wheat. “Who will plant this?” she asked. “Not I,” said the cat. “Not I,” said the goose. “Not

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She Didn’t Die

She was going to kill herself that day, I found out so I secretly followed her when she stormed out of the room without saying

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This invigorating story about selflessly, gives light to the Nigerian soldiers. Find out how willing five sergeants are to restore peace and security in a city raided by robbers.

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Remembering Father

Christmas has always been what the family looked up to all excited, but just before this Christmas, it became a nightmare.

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“I never fully understood what love is, but when you came into my life, you taught me what it truly meant. Without a single word you showed me how really important this feeling really is, so in return i wanted to be with you for the rest of my life, or even longer. But time has forbidden me to do so,so instead I’ll give you one simple gift, i will give you three simple words, i will just say I Love You.”

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