Once upon a time, in a village far from civilization, lived a young cockerel. Although his parents were very poor, it never stopped him from chasing after his dreams and the belief that he would someday leave his little village and become something great.

“Mum am going to make you proud, i will go to the mainland and be a great Cock” he will say to his mum, who would always give him a positive response, nu“ of course my son, you are a good boy and a good boy gets good things”.

One day, some soldiers from the mainland came to the village for merchandise and it happened that the young cockerel and his friends were playing on that path the soldiers took. When the playing children heard the noise from the approaching tyres of the soldiers’ truck, “The soldiers are coming! Everyone run and hide!” One of his friends yelled as they scurried and looked for places to hide, because they’ve heard stories about how wicked the soldiers can be.
Unfortunately,as the cockerel ran, he tripped and got trapped in one of the opened bucket which the soldiers use to pick up the goods, it closed itself just immediately he got stuck. He tried by all means to escape but to no avail. Soon, a soldier walked towards the bucket and upon examination felt it was heavy. He picked it and carried it to the truck and alas! the cockerel was carried to the mainland In the bucket.

Later that day, Young cockerel mother became worried her son wasn’t back home with his friends, “ where is my son?” she asked each and everyone of his friends but no one seem to have seen him, a search party was sent to look for him, but to no avail, “he would never run from home!” she said crying to cockerels father.

As soon as the truck arrived the mainland, the truck was offloaded and the young cockerel escaped.
Once young cockerel was in mainland, he was no longer frightened as he was before instead his thoughts were replaced with the beauty of the city just as he was told by those who had previously visited,

Just then, there was an old woman who was pushed and her groceries thrown away by the aggressive soldier, young cockerel was so angry at the soldiers “oh if only I could hit him” he said as he quickly ran up to the old woman and helped her pick up her groceries, “oh thank you, young cockerel” she said cleaning herself up, when he was sure she was safe he bid her goodbye and continued to explore the city till he got to a beautiful house, he flew up to the window and  peered into the house, something caught his eyes in a glimpse, the sparkling alarm clock on the bed side table,“I wish i could get a closer look” young cockerel thought to himself, at once someone came in and he hid himself by the side of the window, “it must be the owner” young cockerel said to himself.

Immediately, the master came to the window and opened it.

Once he was out of sight, young cockerel took the opportunity and jumped into the house.
 Crash! he accidentally broke the clock, “oh my! i am so dead” he cried out. “Who is that?, what? My alarm clock!” The master roared “you broke it?!” He questioned cockerel
“am so sorry I..I..didn’t mean to” Young cock apologized with much remorse,
“But you have to pay” The master replied him, “how can I pay? I have no job, no money”
Young cockerel said while panting heavily “okay then, you’ll serve as dinner” He said quickly smirking at the now shivering and sweating cockerel.

“What’s going on here?,” an old lady walked in “Danny what happened?” She questioned him “this chicken broke my clock” the old woman came close and examined the Cockerel with her glasses

“Oh my! It’s the young cockerel that helped me today, when the aggressive soldiers knocked me down, you can’t eat him”

She pleaded for the chicken

“Ok Nanna, his free to go but he has to replace my clock” he replied.

“Why don’t he work for you, his a Cockerel he can always alert you when need arise and wake you up” she said smiling as she walked to the Young cockerel “ its ok young one, you won’t be dinner” She said

as she called his servants to clean up the mess and show young cockerel where he would be staying.
“Well that went well” young cockerel thought to himself, that night he wrote a letter to his parents on how he found himself in the mainland and everything that had what happened, also he promised to visit them once he made enough money.
Very early in the morning he crowed and crowed loudly at exactly 6:00 am

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