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Dead yet alive, Breathing but my nostrils are blocked. Laughing hard, But crying deep. I want to leave the earth, yet my skin is hooked.



A lesbian couple in a world where the atmosphere is unfit to breathe, lost their son in water. Many people, however, believe that the boy didn’t drown. Rather, he was taken by the goddess of the water, Njuzu.


Little Red Hen

Little Red Hen found a grain of wheat. “Who will plant this?” she asked. “Not I,” said the cat. “Not I,” said the goose. “Not


She Didn’t Die

She was going to kill herself that day, I found out so I secretly followed her when she stormed out of the room without saying


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Rough Play

Boy: Hello sir, good day sir! I’m actually your daughter’s boyfriend sir. I’m calling to tell you that she is pregnant for me.   Dad:


I am Angry

So my favorite series, Game of Thrones’ aired it’s first episode recently. Though I was super excited, I just didn’t have the means to watch


It was a Promise

One cold night, a rich man met a poor shabbily dressed old man outside. The rich man asked the poor man, “Don’t you feel cold


Made in China

I have been using my small android phone for years. Even the battery sef, is tired. I couldn’t buy a new battery ‘cos it was


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Andora, also called Andy, is a fictional character. She’s a girl from a virtual world, a storylover, an app and a leisure assistant. She chats, tells stories and has a sense of humor. She’s also fun and conversational.

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